Produce: Mini Documentaries

Mini Documentaries

Tell your story with an engaging documentary-style video

Our team works with you to develop and produce mini-documentaries that tell your most compelling stories. We also create written stories to accompany your mini-documentary and format them into beautiful and effective blog posts, email blasts, and social media pointers – all customized to your brand’s communications channels.

Producing Your Mini-Documentary

This is the work we are known for.

Our award-winning team of documentary filmmakers will create a mini-documentary that humanizes your brand and makes a solid connection with your audience.

There are many types of stories you can tell with a mini-documentary. We’ll work closely with you to identify stories that will move your audience, and build a concept for your mini documentary that works for your brand.

Types of stories:

  • Project/Campaign Stories – show your work in action
  • People Stories – introduce staff, customers, clients, partners
  • Awareness and Action – highlight an issue and action steps
  • Fundraising – inspire and motivate new donations
  • Internal Stories – educate and inspire your team

Let’s tell your stories.


“Working with TrimTab Media has allowed us to harness the power of storytelling and demonstrate how our work makes the world a better place. The team is extremely easy to work with, and we value their thoughtful approach to sensitive topics and their skillful ability to frame a story in a way that will resonate with our audiences”

Andrew Hattori
Director of Marketing

San Francisco AIDS Foundation

How It Works


We’ll create an impactful mini-documentary.

We’ll work with you to identify potential stories, pre-interview your subjects, and write a creative brief for the story so we’re all on the same page.

Then, we’ll capture beautiful interviews and footage to tell your story, edit your mini-documentaries, and deliver in a variety of formats for maximum impact.

How it works

  • You fill out our New Projects Form
  • We create a Creative Brief, Budget & Agreement
  • We have a Kickoff Meeting via GoToMeeting
  • We pre-interview video subjects and plan shoot
  • We create a Creative Brief, Shot List & Schedule
  • (1-2) On-location Shoots to capture interviews + b-roll
  • We Edit your video + compress it for online viewing
  • We upload to your YouTube/Vimeo channel
  • We format the story for your blog, email and social channels
  • You share it with your audience

TIMELINE: 6-8 Weeks
Cost: starting at $6,995

Learn more about Our Approach.

Sharing your stories

Formatted for every communication channel.

We also create a written story to accompany your Mini-Documentary and format it into a beautiful and effective blog post, email blast, and social media posts – all customized for your brand’s communications channels.

Launch Plan: We’ll send you a customized launch plan for your team to implement and check in with you after one month to assess your progress and provide additional suggestions.

You’ll receive

  • Master Story Document (PDF with images and text)
  • Raw files + Assets (video file, photos, text)
  • Blog version
  • Email Marketing version
  • Facebook posts (2)
  • Twitter posts (2)


Mini Documentaries In Action


Grimmway Farms
Grimmway Farms
Project Profile: Care for the Land


Asian Pacific Fund
Asian Pacific Fund
Client Profile: Heather’s Story


UC Berkeley – School of Business
UC Berkeley – School of Business
Student Profile: Meet Thulasi

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What Clients Are Saying

“The good folks at TrimTab Media were amazing to work with.  They listened to our ideas, added their own creativity and ingenuity, and gave us a finished product that was better than we could have imagined. They were easy to work with and produced great results, on time. We recommend them highly.”

Caroline Miros

“We are extremely happy with the videos TrimTab produced for our annual gala and fundraising campaign. Their team was wonderful to collaborate with – their planning, research and independence was professional and effective. We are 100% satisfied with the result.”

Connie Wood
Brand Marketing Director
United Way of the Bay Area

“TrimTab Media has been an amazing partner in developing compelling videos that bring our story to life. Not only will you thoroughly enjoy the process of working with TrimTab, but you will be awe-struck with how well the videos deliver your message and move audiences to tears and laughter.”

Maureen Keefe
Director of External Relations
Dominican University

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