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We are communications strategists, writers, filmmakers, photographers and designers working to advance social justice & environmental sustainability through storytelling.

Our Mission

To produce impactful documentaries that change the world, and help progressive businesses and non-profits become wildly successful.
We believe in the power of your stories.


Mischa Hedges
Founder & Executive Producer

Mischa is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, marketing strategist, director & editor. He leads our creative team in the development, production and editing of documentaries, branded content, campaigns, live & virtual events. Mischa co-founded TrimTab Media in 2011.

Ariana Reguzzoni
Creative Producer & Writer

Ariana is a skilled writer & producer, with deep experience in journalism, copywriting & marketing for television, progressive brands, non-profit & governmental organizations. She works with clients to bring their vision to reality onscreen, on time & on budget.

David Marks

David G. Marks
Creative Producer & Writer

David is a talented filmmaker, producer, creative director and editor with more than a decade of experience producing films and marketing content for clients. He works with our clients to bring their vision to reality, on time and on budget.

Eric Ivey
Creative Producer & Writer

Eric Ivey is an award-winning filmmaker who uses storytelling to bring the complexity of the human experience to the screen. He believes film is one of the most powerful mediums there is for creating empathy, understanding, and connection.

Nicolai Crane
Editor & Colorist

Nicolai is a gifted editor and color correction artist with a passion for translating “stories from the heart” to the screen. Nicolai 15+ years of experience on award-winning films and brings his creativity and expertise to every project.

headshot of Nicole Amyx

Nicole Amyx

Nicole Amyx is a Mexican American Documentary filmmaker from Northern California. Through her work she tries to combine her passions, including her love for the outdoors, community engagement stories and social justice work. 

Clare Major

Clare is an award-winning cinematographer who specializes in hand-held, observational camera work. She joins our creative team for a variety of documentary, non-profit, and branded content production.

Michelle Olivera
Editor & Designer

Michelle has worked in documentary video production for more than 15 years, focusing on stories of human interest and health. She uses her journalism background to tell meaningful stories about organizations that make the world a better place.

Andres Pimentel

Zina Simonaitis
Graphic Designer

Zina is an experienced designer & marketer who enjoys the collaborative process of bringing her clients’ vision and goals to life. She is honored to help environmentally and socially-conscious organizations succeed.

Emmett Brennan

Emmett Brennan’s work focuses on the intersection of ecology, spirituality, and sociology. He is the director of Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective and Reflection: a walk with water, which premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.

Justin Lewis

Justin Lewis is a professional photographer and cinematographer. Justin’s images are infused with joy and wonderment because of the passion with which he approaches life and photography.

Alex Albers

Alex is passionate about documentary filmmaking rooted in social change. She has worked on award-winning films and series, ranging from Netflix to Sundance, and works on a wide range of short-form video projects for our nonprofit and corporate clients.

Gary Ottonello

Gary is a talented filmmaker and photographer with a drive to tell human stories through beautiful imagery. When he’s not on a shoot, you’ll find him riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle down the coast of California.

Julia Camp

Julia Camp is a documentary filmmaker whose work reflects her love of wild places. She creates stories that bring a deeper appreciation for our planet, and believes that that film can amplify and empower voices that have gone unheard.

Sashwa Burrous

Sashwa Burrous has photographed documentaries, music videos and fundraising videos for non-profit organizations and progressive companies, including jaw-droppingly beautiful time-lapse footage.

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