About Us

We are communications strategists, writers, filmmakers, photographers and designers who care about social & environmental issues, and work for positive change through storytelling.

Our Mission

To help businesses and non-profits with a commitment to a sustainable world become wildly successful.

We believe in the power of your stories.

Our Creative Team

Mischa Hedges
Chief Storyteller

Mischa brings over a decade of experience producing award-winning documentaries, commercials and online video. With an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise, his background blends brand strategy, down-to-earth storytelling, and tech savvy.

Nicolai Crane
Editorial Manager

Nicolai is a gifted documentary filmmaker with a passion for translating “stories from the heart” to the screen. Nicolai has over 10 years of experience working on award winning films and brings creativity and expertise to every project.

Fera Byrd
Lead Producer

What Fera loves most about meeting new people is hearing their stories. It was only natural that she became an award-winning video producer. Fera enjoys organic gardening, bike riding and knitting when she’s not producing stories for clients.

Michelle Olivera
Lead Editor

Michelle has worked in documentary video production for nearly 10 years, focusing on stories of human interest and health. She uses her journalism background to tell meaningful stories about organizations that make the world a better place.

Alex Albers

Alex is passionate about documentary filmmaking rooted in social change. She has worked on award-winning films and series, ranging from Netflix to Sundance, and works on a wide range of short-form video projects.

Andres Pimentel
Production & Editorial Assistant

Andres Pimentel is a Peruvian/American filmmaker and photographer that seeks to show feelings through sound and image. He focuses on people’s stories as a way of connecting the world.

Justin Lewis

Justin Lewis is a professional photographer and cinematographer. Justin’s images are infused with joy and wonderment because of the passion with which he approaches life and photography.

Sashwa Burrous

Sashwa Burrous has photographed documentaries, music videos and fundraising videos for non-profit organizations and progressive companies, including jaw-droppingly beautiful time-lapse footage.

Gary Ottonello

Gary is a talented filmmaker and photographer with a drive to tell human stories through beautiful imagery. When he’s not on a shoot, you’ll find him riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle down the coast of California.

Mike Abela
Producer/ Cinematographer

Mike is an award winning director, producer and cinematographer holding a diverse portfolio that has taken him all over the world. He’s produced music videos, documentaries and corporate films for dozens of clients.

Amelia Damplo
Cinematographer/ Editor

Amelia enjoys filming and editing videos for artists, makers, and small businesses—whether they have products to sell, skills to teach, or businesses to grow. She brings a visual artist’s perspective to her work.

Ariana Reguzzoni

Ariana is a skilled writer, with deep experience in journalism, copyrighting and marketing for progressive brands and non-profit organizations.

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