Kitsbow 36 Hours

Kitsbow – 36 Hour Adventure

??? We worked with Kitsbow Cycling Apparel to create a short film about making time for adventure in the midst of a busy life. Kitsbow Cycling Apparel was planning a campaign to encourage their customers and supporters to get out for 36-hour adventures close to home in the midst of their busy lives – to […]

What Story Will You Tell?

Planning Your Video Project – Part 3: What Story Will You Tell?

Are you ready to tell your story with video? Use our Five Discovery Questions to begin planning your production. Question 3: What is the essential story you should be telling? After defining your audience and setting your communication objectives, it’s time to get specific about your storytelling strategy. This is the design process: mapping out […]


For the love of wildness…

Our storytelling team at TrimTab Media has a shared love for wild places… Many of us grew up in rural areas, defined by wildness: mountains, rivers, coastlines, trees, hills and grassland. We’ve had profound, transformative experiences while hiking, backpacking, cycling, surfing, rafting, trail running or just BEING in wild places. Notice: JavaScript is required for […]

Introducing – Our 2018 Showreel!

? TrimTab Media produces impactful documentaries and works with progressive clients to tell their stories and become wildly successful. We started TrimTab Media in 2011, with a mission to amplify the impact of progressive companies and non-profits by helping them tell compelling, authentic stories that connect with their customers and supporters. Since then, we’ve built […]

Noyo Center for Marine Science: Beneath the Surface

We worked with the Noyo Center for Marine Science to produce a series of videos about their work advancing ocean conservation through education, exploration and experience. watch more videos Noyo Center for Marine Science needed a series of videos to tell the story of their work on the North Coast of California and support their […]