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Join us in Sonoma County at SEC 2013!

Sustainable Enterprise Conference video produced by TrimTab Media The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is a day-long learning and networking conference dedicated to helping North Bay businesses, academic, government and non-profit organizations transition to economic, environmental, and social sustainability. TrimTab Media will be holding a session on brand storytelling at this year’s conference. –> Register for the conference […]

How does a video become “social?”

Part three in a series on social video and storytelling. “Once an organization decides to start using online videos in their marketing mix – how do they become social? “ Social video parallels the “viral video” distribution model – in which YouTube videos become an overnight success – generating millions of views (think about all […]

Social Video presents challenges and opportunities.

Part two in a series on social video and storytelling. Since the success of a social video is dependent upon on-demand viewing and voluntary sharing – videos must be appealing enough for people to choose to watch them – and be inspired to share with their network of friends, family and co-workers. The Challenge: How […]

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What is social video?

Part one in a series on social video and storytelling. Business marketers have been using video for decades to connect with their customers, build brand loyalty, and drive sales. Before online video, this was mainly in the form of the 30-60 second commercial spot – which conditioned the way people are accustomed to watching videos […]

Charity Water THX & staff

Charity: Water – Part 2: It’s All About People

Videos can build brand loyalty and staff dedication. In our last blog, you saw how Charity: Water uses the power of pictures to create authentic, meaningful relationships with their supporters. They also use video to thank their current donors and inspire them to keep on giving, simultaneously increasing staff and volunteer significance and ownership of […]

Charity: Water

Charity: Water – Part 1 of a Series on Inspiring Action

The Power of Pictures Brands need to connect with and create authentic, meaningful relationships with their customers and supporters. But perhaps, this goes doubly for nonprofits that would literally not exist without their supporters. Charity: Water is a nonprofit that does this magnificently with online video. They understand the power of pictures, the mini-documentary format, […]