We worked with Environmental Defense Fund to produce an explainer video about The Magic of Groundwater.

Environmental Defense Fund needed an explainer video for their California Groundwater Program to use in advocating for environmental justice in low-income communities throughout the state. We worked with their global communications and program team to produce an English and Spanish version of the video that would help them communicate the importance of groundwater and build support for their work. 

Our creative team worked with EDF staff to develop a script and storyboard, source visual assets and design graphics to support the storyline. Our production team coordinated a shoot in the San Francisco Bay Area to capture a direct-to-camera interview with the Manager of the California Groundwater Program.

Our editorial team crafted the story into an explainer video that explains the importance of groundwater to ecosystems and communities in California, and what we can do to help promote healthy water supplies throughout the state. The campaign is being used by EDF to raise awareness and build support for policies that support the program’s work.



TrimTab Media
Executive Producer: Mischa Hedges
Story Producer: Ariana Regguzoni
Cinematographer: Clare Major
Motion Graphics: Michelle Olivera
Editor: Eric Ivey
Editorial Manager & Colorist: Nicolai Crane

Environmental Defense Fund
Senior Communications Manager: Ronna Kelly
Manager, California Groundwater Program: Ana Lucia Garcia Briones
Manager, Multimedia Production: Leslie Von Pless

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