We partnered with Social Media Sisters to produce a scripted intro video to launch EDFC’s Social Impact Investment opportunity in Mendocino County.

Concept: We partnered with Sarah Bodnar of Social Media Sisters to script and produce a short video to introduce the Economic Development and Financing Corporation’s Direct Public Offering in Mendocino County.

Execution: We worked with EDFC’s team and Social Media Sisters to create a script that introduced the investment opportunity concisely while showcasing the stories of local farmers and craftspeople. In a 2-person crew, we captured b-roll, voice over and interviews in Mendocino County over 2 days. Under a tight deadline, we edited the story and optimized it for use in their fundraising efforts.

Distribution: The video is being used by EDFC in investor outreach efforts, and has helped to raise over $160K (as of December 2015).

Agency Partner: Social Media Sisters
Agency Producer: Sarah Bodnar

Producer/Director: Mischa Hedges
Field Producer: Michelle Olivera
Cinematography: Sashwa Burrous, Michelle Olivera
Editor: Michelle Olivera

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