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We produce independent documentaries that inspire and motivate audiences to live better and create positive change in the world.


We’ve developed a Documentary Film Fund to provide seed funding for our films. We rely on additional funds from grants, nonprofit partners, and supporters like you to make our documentary work possible.

Woodlands (in development)

Humans have been depleting the world’s forests for centuries. With growing demand for wood products, is there hope for restoring our woodlands?

Woodlands tells the stories of the remaining logging industry in the Pacific Northwest – a handful of small logging companies and multinational corporations who are navigating what it means to harvest forest resources in today’s world.

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Producer/Director: Mischa Hedges
Cinematography: Justin Lewis, Sashwa Burrous
Editors: In Progress

Ellavut Cimirtuq [Our World Is Changing] 

(in production)

Pronounced: Shla-vut sche-mik-tuk

Ellavut Cimirtuq [Our World Is Changing] is a feature length meditative documentary, that intimately focuses on the rapidly changing landscape of Alaska’s coasts and its peoples, created in collaboration with the communities to ensure they are heard in a proper way.

Co-Directors: Sonia Luokkala, Jacqueline Cleveland, Mischa Hedges
Producer: Mischa Hedges
Cinematography: In Progress
Editors: In Progress

Women’s March (2017)

A film about democracy, human rights and what it means to stand up for your values in America today.

On January 21, 2017, millions of women marched on Washington and around the world to express to the new president & congress that women’s rights are human rights and their power cannot be ignored.

Director: Mischa Hedges
Producers: Mischa Hedges, Michelle Olivera, Iliani Matisse
Cinematography: Justin Lewis, Nicolai Crane, Ben Pender-Cudlip, Sam Price-Waldman, Nile Sprague
Editors: Alex Albers, Michelle Olivera

Of The Sea (2016)

Struggling to revive a fading way of life, fishermen are creating new models for how to support sustainably produced seafood.

OF THE SEA is a feature documentary that tells the story of five California fishermen, and shows how our seafood choices can influence ocean sustainability.

Director: Mischa Hedges
Producers: Mischa Hedges & Melissa Mahoney
Cinematography: Justin Lewis & Sashwa Burrous

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