From the Big Bang to Now… in Four Videos!

Dominican’s First Year Experience: Big History project

When Dominican University asked us to do a video about their unique First Year Experience “Big History” (FYEBH) project, we knew we had our work cut out for ourselves.  Dominican’s First Year Experience “Big History” project is, in their words, “an immense journey through time, to witness the first moments of our universe, the birth of stars and planets, the formation of life on Earth, the dawn of human consciousness, and the ever-unfolding story of humans as Earth’s dominant species.”  No small feat to capture in video.  What excited us was the project’s basic premise.

We humans are inextricably interconnected with all life and events on this planet. And as such, we’re responsible for its future.

FYEBH explores what it means to be human and places us squarely at the center, interconnected with all other life forms, all global events and, perhaps most importantly, at the center of responsibility for creating the future of our planet.  This last part is exactly why we were excited about creating a video campaign for them that explained this program.  FYEBH is ultimately about learning how to live as a connected, sustainable human in an inextricably interrelated, sustainable culture.

These four new videos that launched with the Big History web site show what’s unique about Dominican’s First Year Experience – “Big History.”

The result continues to be a huge success, for Dominican, for the FYE Big History project and for all the faculty and students involved.  These videos capture the essence of the program, inspire new students to jump in, and leave all the faculty currently involved in creating the FYEBH project feeling extremely well-represented.  This project is a great example of what can happen with a trusting client/agency relationship when we all have the same goal – creating a powerful video campaign that tells authentic stories that move people to action.

If you have an idea for how a video campaign can help inspire your staff, your business, your organization, or inspire your customers to action, contact us! Let’s knock around some ideas. It’s what we love to do!

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