We worked with Kitsbow Cycling Apparel to create a short film about making time for adventure in the midst of a busy life.

Concept: Kitsbow Cycling Apparel was planning a campaign to encourage their customers and supporters to get out for 36-hour adventures close to home in the midst of their busy lives – to reconnect with the outdoors, do something they love, and take a mini-retreat from work and ‘regular’ life. They wanted a film to help them launch the concept to their audience.

Execution: Our creative team worked with Kitsbow’s branding and marketing team to outline the concept for a film that would follow Kitsbow’s staff and ambassadors on a 36-hour adventure close to their headquarters in Petaluma, CA. Our challenge was the extremely mobile nature of the film – we didn’t want to slow their team down and take away from their experience – so we put together a nimble, bike-based filmmaking team that could go with the flow while still capturing beautiful footage. With the support of our production van, a cargo bike and aerial drone, they captured the story of Kitsbow’s adventure.

Our editing team crafted the story into a short film that shows the journey of Kitsbow’s team throughout Marin and Sonoma County and captures the essence of a mountain bike adventure with friends. The film is being used by Kitsbow to launch a crowd-sourced video series about their customers 36 hour adventures.

Producer: Mischa Hedges
Director/Story Producer: Kaare Iverson
Cinematographers: Kaare Iverson, Justin Lewis
Editorial: Eric Ivey, Nicolai Crane

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