We produced a campaign for Mendonoma Health Alliance to raise awareness about overcoming addiction, and reduce stigma against opioid users.

Mendonoma Health Alliance needed a public health outreach campaign to raise awareness about addiction, and to reduce the stigma against opioid users that prevents people from seeking the help they need. We worked with their director and staff to produce a campaign video and a series of written stories and advertisements for print, digital and radio.

Our creative team worked with MHA staff and partners to identify people in the community willing to share their addiction and recovery stories, write a script for the video, and plan a campaign that would reach their target audiences. We built a storyboard and shot list, and planned the photo/video shoots. Our production team captured interviews, b-roll footage and photos to tell the story.

Our design and editing team crafted the story into a short film and a series of ads that tell relatable stories about community members who have overcome addiction, and present resources in an accessible way. The campaign is being used by MHA and their partners to raise awareness and build support resources for members of the community suffering from addiction.

Campaign Strategy: Mischa Hedges
Producer/Director: Mischa Hedges
Cinematography: Justin Lewis
Still Photography: Kaare Iverson & Justin Lewis
Graphic Design: Zina Simonaitis
Editor: Michelle Olivera

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