We worked with At One Yoga to introduce their founder and ayurvedic consultation services.

Concept: At One Yoga was planning to launch a series of online consultation offerings, and wanted to create a video to introduce their founder, their services, and produce a series of yoga videos.

Execution: Our creative team worked with At One Yoga to develop a script and storyboard for the video that would include the founder’s background story, showcase the beautiful location of the business on the Mendocino Coast, and offer testimonials from clients. We shot on-location at their studio, capturing interviews, lifestyle and yoga classes.

Our editing team crafted the story into a short video that shows how At One Yoga works with their clients to improve their health and well-being, and a series of instructional yoga videos to enhance their online course offerings. The video series is being used to generate new business and build the At One Yoga and Find Bliss brands.

Director/Story Producer: Mischa Hedges
Cinematographers: Sashwa Burrous, Gabriel O’Byrne
Editorial: Nicolai Crane

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