We worked with Ducks Unlimited to produce a video highlighting a successful wetlands restoration project at Eden Landing in Hayward, CA.

Concept: We partnered with Ducks Unlimited and San Francisco Bay Joint Venture to develop and produce a series of videos showing successful wetlands restoration projects in the San Francisco Bay, proving that wetlands restoration is working.

Execution: We worked with the client to identify projects with strong stories and visuals, created storyboards and a launch plan. In a 2-person crew, we captured b-roll footage and timelapses on location. We edited each spot and created graphics and a launch package for each video.

Distribution: The video series is being used by SF Bay Joint Venture to communicate the impact of their work.

Producer/Director: Mischa Hedges
Cinematography: Gary Ottonello, Justin Lewis
Editors: Michelle Olivera, Nicolai Crane
Launch Strategy: Lillian Dignan

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