TrimTab Media produces impactful documentaries and works with progressive clients to tell their stories and become wildly successful.

We started TrimTab Media in 2011, with a mission to amplify the impact of progressive companies and non-profits by helping them tell compelling, authentic stories that connect with their customers and supporters. Since then, we’ve built our team of strategists, writers, filmmakers, photographers and designers to work with more than 50 clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Boston/New York areas.

In 2016, we established a home office and co-working space in Sebastopol, California, where our core creative & leadership team is based. We’re loving the connection to our local community and proximity to our largest clients. Out of our new studio, we’ve produced award-winning independent documentaries that have screened at film festivals, community venues, movie theaters, public television and online streaming platforms.

This year, our team is excited to begin production on two new feature documentaries, and continue to work with our amazing group of clients who are truly changing the world. It’s with pleasure that we present our 2018 reel, which shows a range of our work, from social justice to land and wildlife conservation, education, outdoor adventure, food and farming. We love every bit of this work – and we hope you do too.

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