DotGreen, an internet startup, needed a video to explain their offering and build a community of supporters around their cause. We worked with them to create this graphics-driven video that tells their story and motivates viewers to join their community.

Concept: DotGreen needed a video to introduce the concept of their offering: the first “green” Top-Level Domain name. They also wanted to build support and interest among the sustainability community. We created an “explainer” video that shows how .green can become a powerful sector of the online space – and showed viewers how they could become involved through a clear call to action that  invites them to join the DotGreen community now, so that when .green launches in 2013, they can be part of the first wave of .green names.

Execution: We recommended a creative approach that relied on a visual script and motion graphics to explain the concept of the .green domain. We scripted and created storyboards, created graphics for and edited the 2-minute video that establishes what DotGreen means by “green,” explains how .green works, and inspires people to give them their email address. It also describes how the DotGreen Foundation will benefit with every new .green customer.

Distribution: We uploaded the video to various video platforms, collaborating with DotGreen’s website designer to embed the video on their website and share via social media channels and an email blast.

It was a joy for our team to work with Iliani and Mischa. Their personal commitment to environmental consciousness was an asset to the project, and their understanding of our goals and needs was immediate and thorough.
The video creation process was smooth and well organized. TrimTab Media did a great job of setting a reasonable timeline with goals and milestones, which fit into our company’s needs. Their understanding of our business and industry prior to the creation of materials ensured a consistent proper tone, and perfect integration into our existing materials. The editing stages allowed us the opportunity to think over and review all messaging and images, leaving everyone satisfied with the final product.
Our team was impressed by the end result. The quality and versatility of the video has allowed us to use it on our website landing page, facebook, and on monitors at international events, to explain our concept and engage a supportive audience.
TrimTab’s work was impressive, and our partnership proved to be a smooth and successful process. We look forward to working with them again in the future!

– Annalisa Rogers, CEO of DotGreen Community, Inc.

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