We worked with the Niagara Cares Foundation to produce a mini-documentary about their recent work implementing a clean water system with Global Brigades in El Jiote, Honduras.

Concept: Niagara Cares Foundation wanted to tell the story of their clean water implementation project with Global Brigades to build support for their Corporate Social Responsibility work, and show the outcomes of the trip within the company’s internal communications.

Execution: Our creative team worked with the Niagara Cares CSR team to research, develop and produce a mini-documentary about the trip, its outcomes and impact. We conducted pre-interviews with Niagara staff, Global Brigades staff and the local community in El Jiote, and developed a shooting schedule and creative brief for the project. Our filmmaking team traveled to Honduras to document the clean water project, working alongside staff and volunteers. Our editorial team shaped the story into an authentic short film that shows Niagara’s corporate social responsibility in action.

Producer: Mischa Hedges
Director/Story Producer: Mike Abela
Cinematographers: Mike Abela & Justin Lewis
Editorial: Amelia Damplo, Nicolai Crane

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