The San Francisco Green Film Festival needed a trailer for their 2nd annual documentary film festival that programs social and environmental documentaries. We edited a 2-minute festival trailer that shows the range of fantastic films the festival has to offer.

Concept: The SF Green Film Festival wanted to show the many different topics that would be present at the festival in a short video for their promotional efforts and for screening before each film at the festival.

Execution: We converted each film into a similar format, and edited a trailer that represented every film on the festival’s program, from experimental animations to documentaries about climate change to films about the impact of sushi on global fisheries.

Distribution: The festival organizers used the trailer to promote the event via their website, social media channels, and screening at pre-festival events. The trailer was also shown in theaters each night of the week-long festival in San Francisco.

TrimTab Media completely grasped our marketing needs and contributed many creative ideas towards the project. The trailer hit the perfect note, exhibiting the breadth of the festival’s environmental and cultural content in a fun and upbeat piece, and with great visual impact and timing. They really captured the essence of the festival and made it come to life. The trailer has made a terrific contribution to the festival’s marketing outreach and created a great pre-show buzz amongst the festival audience. I have no hesitation in recommending TrimTab Media and look forward to working with Mischa and Iliani again.

-Rachel Caplan, Director
San Francisco Green Film Festival

Producer: Mischa Hedges
Director/Story Producer: Kaare Iverson
Cinematographers: Kaare Iverson, Justin Lewis
Editorial: Eric Ivey, Nicolai Crane

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