Visit Fort Bragg, California

We worked with Visit Fort Bragg to create a series of videos highlighting tourism on the Mendocino Coast. The series has received over 190K online views and is currently being used across social media channels, in pre-roll and broadcast advertising.

Concept: In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, City of Fort Bragg and Visit Fort Bragg, we developed a video concept to highlight the many ways that visitors explore, enjoy and relax on the Mendocino Coast.

Execution: Our filmmaking team captured visuals from the air, water and land showcase the region’s tremendous beauty, and collaborated with local businesses to film many activities, including yoga, massage, wine and beer tasting, and fine dining.

Distribution: The videos have received over 190,000 views and growing, as well as fantastic engagement on the organization’s social channels.

Producer/Director: Mischa Hedges
Cinematography: Sashwa Burrous, Justin Lewis, additional footage provided by Visit Mendocino
Editor: Nicolai Crane
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