We worked with AIDS/Lifecycle to create a series of 5 videos about the 2,200 cyclists that ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles each year to raise money for HIV/AIDS treatment, research and prevention.

Concept: AIDS/Lifecycle needed a video crew to shoot, edit and deliver a series of videos during their 7-day cycling event, and provide footage of their event for use in future videos.

Execution: We worked with AIDS/Lifecycle’s two presenting organizations, San Francisco AIDS Foundation and LA Gay & Lesbian Center to develop a series of videos for use in social media, to pitch to blogs and traditional media during the event and present to prospective riders and supporters throughout the year at events. During the day, 3 filmmakers captured interviews and footage along the 545 mile route from San Francisco to Los Angeles. In the evenings, our crew edited 5 videos to launch during the event itself. The series received over 20,000 video views during the event and the week afterwards, and thousands more in the following weeks.

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