Charity: Water – Part 2: It’s All About People

Videos can build brand loyalty and staff dedication.

In our last blog, you saw how Charity: Water uses the power of pictures to create authentic, meaningful relationships with their supporters. They also use video to thank their current donors and inspire them to keep on giving, simultaneously increasing staff and volunteer significance and ownership of the project. Charity: Water builds organizational cohesion by involving the entire staff in the creation process and builds brand loyalty by speaking very directly to their supporters. This video continues to give their donors a sense of being very personally appreciated, as well as provide real faces to the brand called Charity: Water.   It’s called “Charity: water turns five years old. And we want to thank you.”

And then if viewers wish, they can go to their YouTube channel, where they’ll see each individual thank you to individual donors, many by name,  that calls out what they did to contribute – from individuals running marathons to kids donating instead of having a birthday party, to middle schools banding together, to other organizations donating, like Rise up, Hawaii.  That’s building community in spades.

 Through giving viewers a choice, they encourage engagement.

In addition to these almost home-grown videos, Charity: Water makes sure they have well-produced videos that can get shared via their Facebook page.   Each of their current, 37 videos has a roll-over description that grabs viewers and let’s them choose what they want to watch.    They even offer a video that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look into their production process. This adds to the authenticity of everything they do – in the office or in the field.  Their willingness to be transparent adds to their credibility and integrity.

 And they share their failures and challenges as well.

Many of these videos are stunningly shot and edited, and have gorgeous music tracks.  But they never feel self-serving or overdone.  Charity: Water takes every opportunity to include their donors and viewers in their challenges as well as their victories.  This next video plays like a good action movie. Just watch – I won’t be a spoiler.  It’s called “We promised we’d be back.”

 Charity: Water does a lot right.

They know they live and breathe with their supporters and partners. Every video they do contributes to that.

They’re clear about their vision, their stake in the ground, and never let you forget how you, their donors, their partners, their staff, their volunteers, contribute to them achieving their goals and fulfilling that vision.

No matter what your brand – be it for-profit or nonprofit, here are more lessons well taken:

Let your staff, your customers, your clients, your strategic partners, your vendors – everyone with whom you have authentic relationship, speak for you.  Show how they are a critical part of the difference you make in the world.  Let them express their humanity to give your brand a human face.

Be transparent. Be accountable. Be specific. Show us how you’ve kept your promises.  Even show how you’ve fallen short, but have recommitted.  Show that commitment.

Ultimately, it’s about heart and soul.

Keep it real.  Online video is the most effective way to reach the heart and soul of your customers and supporters by connecting them with the heart and soul of your brand.  And it’s that core that will attract more customers, supporters and partners. There are probably many companies or organizations that do what you do. But none of them have your heart and soul.  It’s that heart and soul that gets us up in the morning.

What are the stories that reveal the heart and soul of your business or organization? What gets you and your whole staff up in the morning? Let us know!  If you’re not sure, contact us.  We’d love to toss some ideas around.

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