We worked with United Way of the Bay Area to create a brand anthem video, and three mini-documentaries about Bay Area leaders championing anti-poverty work.

Concept: United Way of the Bay Area needed a series of videos for an annual gala fundraising event and online fundraising campaign.

Execution: We worked with United Way of the Bay Area’s Brand Manager, Director of Marketing and VP of Marketing & Development to develop a script and shot list for their Brand Anthem/Overview video, and evaluated story options for 3 mini documentary profile videos about Bay Area organizations championing anti-poverty work. We captured all required interviews and b-roll footage in 6 shoot days and edited under a tight deadline.

Distribution: All videos were presented at United Way of the Bay Area’s annual fundraising gala, and are being used in an online giving campaign.

Producer/Director: Mischa Hedges
Cinematography: Justin Lewis & Sashwa Burrous
Assistant Camera: Michelle Olivera
Editor: Michelle Olivera
Additional Photography (select School + Aerial San Francisco shots): Christie Goshe

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