We worked with AIDS/LifeCycle to share stories from their 545 mile charity cycling event from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Concept: AIDS/LifeCycle wanted to share stories from the road during their 545 mile charity cycling event. We worked with their director to develop a storytelling strategy for a series of videos that would share the passion and drive of a diverse group of participants, show the amazing beauty of the journey, express gratitude to supporters and inspire future participants to register for the event.

Execution: We worked with the AIDS/LifeCycle communications team to identify potential stories and build shot lists for the organization’s other video needs during the year. Leading up to the event, we organized all travel logistics for our team and prepared 3 production vehicles for our 5-person crew.

During each day of the event, our team captured video along a 50-100 mile route each day. We interviewed participants, and shot a variety of footage using car mounts, cranes, aerial cameras and dollies to show the magnitude and energy of the event. Each day, our filmmakers offloaded footage in our mobile editing van, where it was cut by our editor.

Impact: Each story was shown to 3,000+ participants in camp each night, and shared via social media through the official event channels. The stories we produced received over 70,000 views and incredible engagement during the event, and thousands more views more afterward. The series will be used throughout the year in AIDS/LifeCycle’s recruitment efforts and donor thank-you messages.

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