We produced a short documentary for the Seeker Network about Rose Huston, a New England Surfer who shares her philosophy about leading an outdoor life – and how it makes her feel peaceful and alive.

Concept: Discovery Digital Networks commissioned TrimTab Media to produce a story about New England Surfers. We pitched story ideas and found subjects interested in sharing their stories.

Execution: In a 3-person crew, we captured footage in Massachusetts, near Boston and Cape Cod. We utilized surfboard-mounted GoPro’s, in-water photography and telephoto lenses from the shore to capture multiple surfing sequences, and followed our subjects throughout a day of finding and surfing East Coast waves.

Distribution: The video aired on Discovery Digital’s Seeker Network and received over 22,000 views in its first month.

Producer/Director: Mischa Hedges
Cinematography: Ben Pender-Cudlip, Daniel Cojanu, Mischa Hedges
Editor: Sashwa Burrous

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