We helped Green Festivals tell 5 stories about their San Francisco event from several perspectives: attendee, speaker, volunteer, exhibitor and sponsor. They’re using this video series to promote Green Festivals around the country and build support for the sustainability movement.

Concept: Green Festivals needed a series of stories about their 10th annual festival that brings together the sustainability community. TrimTab Media proposed five videos that would capture the essence of the festival from several points of view: an attendee, a main stage speaker, a volunteer, exhibitors and partners.

Execution: TrimTab Media attended the 2-day festival to capture the event, interviewing attendees, exhibitors, partners, sponsors and main stage speakers each morning. Each afternoon we edited the videos and released them via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for a same-day turnaround time. The result was a timely, relevant series of videos that told the story of San Francisco Green Festival from multiple perspectives.

Distribution: The video series was distributed on Green Festivals’ Facebook and Twitter pages, and will be used to promote future events.

THANK YOU Mischa and Iliani! You do amazing work. I love each of these videos and I am sure we will be using them for years to come. I will gladly recommend your company to those needing production services. I hope we can continue this relationship for our festivals next year.

-Joanna Postlethwaite, Event Coordinator
Green Festivals

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