Harnessing the power of content marketing

Well-produced, well-placed content can engage, empower and inspire viewers.

Image by Aristocrats-hats licensed under Creative Commons.Online video is part of a larger emerging field in marketing called “content marketing” – also and formerly known as publishing, branded media, and corporate media. Content marketing includes the creation and distribution of all kinds of content – during events, in blogs, social media updates, webinars, tweetups – anything to engage your customers or supporters online.

We’ve all heard the simple phrase “content is king.” Content is absolutely king – imagine a website without any content on it!

However, content for content’s sake is not content – it must be relevant and provide immediate value to the viewer.

Good content is telling a story…

I read The Content Marketing Institute blog regularly, and a recent post from them sums up the field in a way that truly relates to the work we do at TrimTab Media.

The content marketing process is really centered on marketers becoming better storytellers.  Our jobs are to create a lasting impression with our content with the goal of maintaining or changing behavior.
– from What Content is Really About by Robert Rose

…and it makes a true impression.

Rose goes on to observe the general misuse of the word “impression” by marketers – that the term includes so much more than simply “the number of times your content is displayed on the page.” He gives this dictionary definition:

“im·pres·sion [im-presh-uhn]  noun
1.    a strong effect produced on the intellect, feelings, conscience, etc.
2.    the first and immediate effect of an experience, or perception upon the mind; sensation”

Marketers and content creators need to consider this definition, and ask themselves how the content they produce has the potential to make a profound impression on its viewers. Because a true impression has the ability to inspire a mind-shift, or instigate a change in behavior, the ultimate objectives of many organization in the social and environmentally responsible space, whether they’re selling or promoting ideas, products, services or movements.

Image by Aristocrats-hats licensed under Creative Commons.

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