TV spots and an online video for a nonprofit coalition working to restore the health and habitat of all North America’s forests.

Concept: Forests for the Next Century wanted to educate the general public, forest officials and state legislators about the implications of current forest management practices. These practices have resulted in extreme over-growth, higher fire danger and destruction – and no methods to harvest fire-killed trees – all of which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Execution: Iliani worked with Brainchild Creative, a marketing agency, to fully develop the many layers of this complex story. She pre-interviewed a broad cross-section of stakeholders across the country, including numerous leaders in the academic and scientific communities, National Park Rangers, the Fire Chief of California and forest industry representatives, and recommended which expert provide which story thread.  The project required an intricate 4-day shooting schedule in the Grass Valley and South Lake Tahoe areas, including 12 interviews, aerial shooting and multiple-location Broll. At the request of the editorial house, she consulted with the editor about story construction.

Distribution: The videos aired on television and YouTube, and have been re-purposed for a series of online videos under 2:00, each with its own story thread.

Success: The video series has been successfully used to generate important conversation among legislators and all stakeholders, and educate the public about sustainable forestry methods.

This project was completed by Iliani prior to founding TrimTab Media.

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