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How does a video become “social?”

Part three in a series on social video and storytelling. “Once an organization decides to start using online videos in their marketing mix – how do they become social? “ Social video parallels the “viral video” distribution model – in which YouTube videos become an overnight success – generating millions of views (think about all […]

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What is social video?

Part one in a series on social video and storytelling. Business marketers have been using video for decades to connect with their customers, build brand loyalty, and drive sales. Before online video, this was mainly in the form of the 30-60 second commercial spot – which conditioned the way people are accustomed to watching videos […]


Call Me Trim Tab: Part Two

This is part of a series on change and what it means to be a “trim tab.” What we need now, is a world full of trim tabs. Individuals, families, businesses, communities – each and all can be trim tabs. In his book The Necessary Revolution: Working Together to Create a Sustainable World,  Peter Senge, an organizational […]


Call Me Trim Tab

This is part of a series on change and what it means to be a “trim tab.” TrimTab Media was founded on the “trim tab” metaphor that was conceived by Buckminster Fuller. Why tell your authentic “trim tab” stories with your customers and supporters? It creates relationships based on shared values and inspired action… Our vision […]


Cutting through the Green Fog

The first in a series of posts on greenwashing, transparency, and authentic storytelling. The terms green, environmentally friendly, or sustainable have unfortunately lost their edge. The environmental bandwagon has enlarged to include many companies that have neither interest in nor commitment to anything that would improve our environment, much less not harm it any further.


Don’t “Miss the Mark” with Video Marketing

Once marketers are convinced that they should begin to introduce video into their marketing mix, they spring forward – often without stopping to think about what kind of online video they’ll be creating. Organizations go for fast, easy and cheap – and their videos don’t live up to the potential that the medium has to […]

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Why bother with online video?

Video is expensive, time-intensive to produce, and hard to measure – so why use it? There are hundreds of online marketing blogs out there that tout online video as the best way to increase search results, increase click-thru rates and conversions. It’s true – online video can increase the effectiveness of any communications campaign, and […]


Harnessing the power of content marketing

Well-produced, well-placed content can engage, empower and inspire viewers. Online video is part of a larger emerging field in marketing called “content marketing” – also and formerly known as publishing, branded media, and corporate media. Content marketing includes the creation and distribution of all kinds of content – during events, in blogs, social media updates, […]