Skip to Renew is a clean-tech startup that needed to communicate their story and offering to potential customers, supporters and investors. We worked with their team to tell the story of why they started Skip to Renew – and how they’re making a positive difference in the world.

Concept: Skip to Renew is a bio-based, industrial lubricant company that needed a video to serve three audiences: investor; social media; and, indiegogo. Since they are in the process of raising venture capital to expand their product line and scale up manufacturing, they needed an engaging way to communicate their opportunity to potential investors and highlight their product lines.  They also needed a way communicate the positive impact of their innovative work. And, they needed a video for Indiegogo to stimulate a crowd-funding campaign.

Execution: We produced a 3:00 video that tells the Skip to Renew story and communicates who they truly are: a leading-edge player in the bio-based lubricant industry. Through an interview with one of the founders and b-roll, the video shows the environmental degradation and expense of using petroleum-based lubricants, establishes the strength and enormous market need for industrial lubricants, and positions Skip to Renew as the company that will revolutionize this industry. We created three custom endings for the video to appeal to each of the three audiences in different viewing situations.

Distribution: This video is being shown at investor forums, trade shows and investor events. It is on their website and being shared via Skip to Renew’s social media channels. And, they’re using it in an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to raise additional funding.

The process that TrimTab Media implemented was very structured yet left room for us to create the video that we wanted. They helped us form our vision of the end product and knew how to execute the story line and film in a quick amount of time. We were extremely happy with the end product and we are proud to show it to potential investors and customers. My experience working with TrimTab was seamless – I really enjoyed working with them.

– Jonathan Mooney, Chief Financial Officer, Skip to Renew

Producer: Mischa Hedges
Director/Story Producer: Kaare Iverson
Cinematographers: Kaare Iverson, Justin Lewis
Editorial: Eric Ivey, Nicolai Crane

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