We’ll be at the Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego June 4-7 – for some networking, inspiration, storytelling, and maybe even some fun in the sun (we’re bringing our swimsuits).

“The Sustainable Brands Conference is where sustainability, brand and innovation leaders from around the world gather to learn, share and take action together to shape the future.”

TrimTab Media is a sponsor of the 2012 conference and will have a booth in the Solutions Expo. We’ll also be running around with a camera, capturing stories from the event for a video that’ll be shown at the conference’s closing session on Thursday night (which means we’ll be shooting by day, and editing by night – busy busy!). We’re looking forward to interviewing and speaking with some fantastic people working with many of the most innovative, values-driven brands out there – that are truly making a positive impact on the planet and its people.

Will we see you at Sustainable Brands?

Stop by Booth #8, drop us a line at info@trimtabmedia.tv or send us a Tweet!

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