A video case study of how NetApp helped to expand the success of one of their clients.

Concept: NetApp, a massive data management company, wanted to do a series of case study videos to get CIO’s and IT managers thinking of them as more than a place to store data, but as an enabler of innovation.  The first of their clients they chose to feature was an Australian financial conglomerate, Suncorp.

Execution: For Eleven, an advertising agency, Iliani partnered with the creative team and client to create a mini-documentary that featured interviews with upper management, B-roll to anchor the global location, and original animated illustrations to emphasize concepts being discussed.

Distribution: The videos appeared on the NetApp web site, as well as associated sites like CIO, Wall Street Journal, NY Times. Video banners were used to drive viewers to the NetApp site to further explore the innovative opportunities they provide.

This project was completed by Iliani prior to founding TrimTab Media.

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