We helped Dominican University’s School of Business and Leadership tell 6 stories about their GreenMBA program. They are being used by the University to connect with prospective students and community partners – giving them a taste of what it’s like to be a part of this leading-edge sustainable MBA program.

Concept: The GreenMBA program wanted a strong anchor of online video content that would reach prospective students and build name recognition of the GreenMBA program.

Execution: Mischa worked with the GreenMBA to develop and produce a 6-video series. This included an intro video that explained the GreenMBA’s approach to engaging students in their sustainable business program, 2 profiles of current students working through the program, a video outlining the program’s final course, in which students create a business plan for a new venture, and a 2-part series that follows a group of MBA consultants working with a neighboring town to develop their climate action plan.

Distribution: The video series was distributed on the GreenMBA blog, on Facebook and Twitter, and is used at in-person and online events to recruit new students and community partners.

Success: The series has garnered over 3,000 views online, and several hundred offline views at events.

This project was completed by Mischa prior to founding TrimTab Media.

Fantastic! Really great work. You have captured the GMBA program beautifully, these videos make me want to enroll.

-Owen Lawrence, Program Coordinator
Dominican University School of Business and Leadership

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