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By Mischa Hedges, Founder & Chief Storyteller, TrimTab Media

Mischa Hedges

Today is an exciting day for me. When I started TrimTab Media, I hoped that one day we would produce documentaries in addition to videos for our clients. Last year, we received a grant from Cal Humanities to produce our first documentary, and today we are releasing a trailer and a Kickstarter for the film…

OF THE SEA is a documentary about fishermen, seafood & sustainability. Our team has been interviewing fishermen, filming amazing footage on fishing boats at sea, and capturing stories about startups that are bringing local, sustainable seafood to the public.

We are making this film to connect people who eat seafood with the people who catch it, and to inspire viewers to make responsible seafood choices.

Will you help share this story?

Now we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $12,500 to help finish OF THE SEA. Backing this project will bring this story to a wide audience in California and beyond. Here’s how you can help…
1. Back the film! Visit our Kickstarter page, watch the trailer, and make a pledge (Thank You!).
2. Share on Facebook & Twitter. Pushing this out to your network will really make a difference!
3. Send an email. Send an email with the link below to 10 or more friends, family and colleagues who may be interested in the film. SHARING LINK: http://kck.st/1k6Fqs9

Thank you from the team behind OF THE SEA and from the bottom of my heart.

Yours in storytelling,

Mischa Hedges
Producer/Director, OF THE SEA
Chief Storyteller, TrimTab Media

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