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Of The Sea Movie

Our new film about seafood & sustainability

Will you back TrimTab’s first film on Kickstarter? OF THE SEA is a documentary about fishermen, seafood & sustainability. Our team has been interviewing fishermen, filming amazing footage on fishing boats at sea, and capturing stories about startups that are bringing local, sustainable seafood to the public.


The Revolution Will Be Branded

Sustainable Brands is an annual global conference that gathers brand strategy, sustainability and innovation leaders. We created this video to capture the excitement, energy and commitments that were generated during the conference. Thank you so much for this amazing video – we’re already getting requests about it, people loved it! You guys have done an […]

Sustainable Brands 2012

Say hello at Sustainable Brands 2012

We’ll be at the Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego June 4-7 – for some networking, inspiration, storytelling, and maybe even some fun in the sun (we’re bringing our swimsuits). “The Sustainable Brands Conference is where sustainability, brand and innovation leaders from around the world gather to learn, share and take action together to shape […]

Charity: Water

Charity: Water – Part 1 of a Series on Inspiring Action

The Power of Pictures Brands need to connect with and create authentic, meaningful relationships with their customers and supporters. But perhaps, this goes doubly for nonprofits that would literally not exist without their supporters. Charity: Water is a nonprofit that does this magnificently with online video. They understand the power of pictures, the mini-documentary format, […]

Burt's Bees You tube

Minding Their Beeswax: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As consumers become more savvy about greenwashing and more demanding about the products they buy, brands need to be ever more transparent if they are to differentiate themselves from the greening crowd.  As we’ve said in a prior blog, sustainability is a process, not an absolute, or state of perfection.  So, the looming question that […]

A social video case study: Whole Foods Market

Part four in a series on social video and storytelling. Whole Foods recently launched a social video campaign called “Thrive: a Whole Foods Market kind of thing.” It’s made up of six themed video series that are oriented towards the different segments of their customer base (you know, yuppies, vegetarians, health nuts, eco-moms ;)). Here’s […]

Amy's pizza R

Changing the Face of Agriculture

Amy’s Kitchen is a trim tab company changing the face of agriculture.  In the first three parts of this series, we explained the trim tab concept, suggested how a trim tab evolves,   and showed how trim tab actions combined with social media can produce powerful results.   Now, we focus on a really good example […]


Call Me Trim Tab: Part Two

This is part of a series on change and what it means to be a “trim tab.” What we need now, is a world full of trim tabs. Individuals, families, businesses, communities – each and all can be trim tabs. In his book The Necessary Revolution: Working Together to Create a Sustainable World,  Peter Senge, an organizational […]