Planetbox: Product Videos

A series of product videos for Planetbox’s online store.

Planetbox was building a new website and online store, and wanted a series of short product videos for each of the products they offer. We worked with their team to produce a set of fun, engaging product videos that would appeal to both kids and their parents.

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Execution: We worked with the Planetbox team to develop a concept, script and identify actors for the videos. We booked a studio space and spent a day filming all 3 product videos, along with product shots to update existing videos.

Distribution: This video series is used bring Planetbox products to life in their online store, and to introduce products to new audiences.

The good folks at TrimTab Media were amazing to work with.  They listened to our ideas, added their own creativity and ingenuity, and gave us a finished product that was better than we could have imagined. They were easy to work with and produced great results, on time.  We recommend them highly.

– Caroline Miros, Co-Founder, Planetbox

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