We helped Thanksgiving Coffee tell the story of how they’re working with a coffee farmer cooperative in Rwanda to buffer their farms from climate change. They’re using the video to raise funds and support for more projects like this.

Concept: Our client, Thanksgiving Coffee Company, was the 2012 recipient of the Specialty Coffee Association of America‘s (SCAA) Sustainability Award for a climate change adaptation project they are supporting in Rwanda. They needed a video to showcase this project on their website and bring their customers and partners together to support future sustainability projects through their non-profit venture: the Resilience Fund.

Execution: We worked with Thanksgiving Coffee Company to obtain footage from Root Capital – who had completed a video about the Dukunde Kawa coffee cooperative that Thanksgiving Coffee is working with in Rwanda. TrimTab Media shot an interview with Thanksgiving Coffee’s Director of Coffee, Ben Corey-Moran, and edited their story using the obtained footage and many photos from Thanksgiving Coffee’s trips to Rwanda. The result is a strong case study video that Thanksgiving Coffee will use to build support for future sustainability projects from café’s, restaurants, grocery stores, and coffee lovers.

TrimTab’s team brings deep commitment and experience to their work. They helped us frame our story, and share it in a compelling and engaging way. When it comes to presentation, the quality of their work creates a product that people want to watch, and share with others.

-Ben Corey-Moran, President, Director of Coffee
Thanksgiving Coffee Company

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