Whole Foods recently launched a social video campaign called “Thrive: a Whole Foods Market kind of thing.” It’s made up of six themed video series that are oriented towards the different segments of their customer base (you know, yuppies, vegetarians, health nuts, eco-moms ;)).

Here’s a description of Thrive in their words, and the teaser trailer for the series:
What is ‘Thrive’, you ask? It’s a series of shows that offer a little bit of something for everyone……but mostly, it’s just awesome!

What the shows are about:

Urban Eco is a hosted show that explores different ways of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle in the city.
Fest a Nation is a hosted show that explores international food festivals across the nation
Grow is a series of documentary profiles of Americans growing their own food.
Gluten Morgan is a hosted cooking show that offers gluten-free recipes.
Hungry for More is a hosted show that goes ‘behind the scenes’ of natural products.
9.3 is a long-form, narrated, informational series about how humans are innovating to meet the needs of a growing population (projected to be 9.3 Billion by 2050)

Whole Foods is engaging viewers

Each video in their branded Facebook player features a question for its audience that encourages discussions and viewer engagement. Each video has garnered dozens of comments, the facebook video player has received 6K likes, and each of the videos have received thousands of views on YouTube. They’ve also got a great player of all Whole Foods videos on their main website.

Whole foods is open to feedback

The “Thrive” series is a fresh approach by a national brand to engage their customers online, using social video. The shows are fun and the facebook player is appealing and user friendly. Whole Foods has made the jump to social video – and from their language, they acknowledge that they’re still testing the waters and seeking feedback. “There are tons of great stories out there. Here are a few we’ve been playing with. Let us know what you think.” In other words, they want to make sure they’re providing VALUE to their customers.

What do you think? Is this the type of content you would watch? How could creating a similar campaign for your customers or supporters work for your business? Leave a comment or contact us and let’s throw some ideas around.

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