We helped Grimmway Farms tell the story of their commitment to sustainable farming by producing five videos about their people, practices and products.

Concept: Grimmway Farms wanted to share their stories in a more authentic, personable way in the upcoming launch of their new website. In a collaboration with Golin Harris, we produced five videos for Grimmway Farms to help them share their brand story effectively.

Execution: We worked with Grimmway’s marketing team and their agency to identify people and practices within their organization that would show “the people behind the carrots.” We traveled to Bakersfield to scout locations on the farm and pre-interview the people we’d be filming with, and captured the video series over 3 days in a crew of 3: Story Producer, Filmmaker and Production Assistant. The result is a strong social video series that Grimmway Farms is using to tell their brand story in an effective, authentic way.

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