We produced a short film for Mendocino Trail Stewards’ campaign to conserve 20,000 acres of redwood forest.

Mendocino Trail Stewards was organizing a grassroots campaign to conserve 20,000 acres of redwood forestland on the Mendocino Coast. We worked with their founder and advisory board to produce a short film that would tell the story of the varied uses of the forest and demonstrate its value to the community. 

Our creative team worked with MTS to refine an existing script, build a storyboard and shot list, and plan the shoot. Our production team captured interviews, b-roll and aerial footage to tell the story.

Our editing team crafted the story into a short film that showcases the beauty of the forest and its value: to the community as a place to recreate, and to the ecosystem by providing rich habitat and carbon sequestration. The film is being used in fundraising and advocacy efforts for the conservation project.

Director/Story Producer: Mischa Hedges
Writers: Chad Swimmer & Gene Parsons
Cinematography: Justin Lewis
Additional Camera: Mischa Hedges & Chet Jamgochian
Still Photography: John Klein
Map Graphics: Karen & Chet Jamgochian
Editorial: Nicolai Crane

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