We worked with Greenpeace to produce Fire Drill Fridays – a series of virtual rallies and events hosted by actor & activist Jane Fonda.

In late 2019, Greenpeace started a weekly climate rally with actor & activist Jane Fonda. They built momentum with rallies in Washington D.C., Los Angeles and other cities, organizing communities around the country to build support for climate action and advocate for the end of our dependence on fossil fuels.

After the first COVID-19 lockdowns, they continued producing the event on Zoom, using Zoom’s livestreaming function. They approached us in Fall 2020, seeking a technical production partner for the virtual show, with the hopes of increasing the production value and creating an unparalleled livestream experience for viewers to stay informed and continue taking action safely as lockdowns were in place.

Our creative team worked with Greenpeace’s communications & visual team to develop branded show graphics, develop a 100% remote process, build a virtual streaming studio and test the workflow. Together with the Greenpeace team, we’ve produced more than 30 virtual rallies, events and movie nights.

The show airs weekly at FireDrillFridays.com and includes guests such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Gov. Jay Inslee, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Tara Houska, filmmaker Spike Lee and others.

Fire Drill Fridays is multi-streamed to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch, receiving over 100,000 views per week. We’re honored to partner with Greenpeace, Jane Fonda and the many other partners that make this show possible.


TrimTab Media
Livestream Producer: Mischa Hedges
Multicam Director: Mischa Hedges
On-Air Show Graphics: Michelle Olivera
Audio Mix: Nicolai Crane

Host: Jane Fonda
Show Producers: Georgia Hirsty & Madeline Carretero
Senior Video Producer: Katie Camosy
Senior Visuals Producer: Peter Kapuscinski

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