Are you ready to tell your story with video? Use our five discovery questions to begin planning your production.

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Question 4: Where will your story be seen, read or heard?

After defining your audience, setting your communication objectives, and deciding what stories to tell it’s time to make a plan for launching and distributing your video. Don’t wait until it’s done! Too many times, we’ve seen clients finish a video, post it on YouTube, and wait for views. It just doesn’t work. Crafting a bulletproof launch strategy and distribution plan will ensure your video is seen, and delivers the results you’re hoping for. Here are some questions to guide your launch strategy and distribution plan. If you skip this step, your video is almost guaranteed to fail. Don’t skip it!

  • WHEN makes sense to launch this story?
    Timing is everything – choose a time of day and week when you know your audience will be engaged, and launch it there on EVERY SINGLE PLATFORM. Launching a video on Facebook only at the end of the day Friday is usually NOT a good idea…make sure to coordinate your launch across communication channels so it’s consistent, and facing every direction your audience might be looking.
  • WHERE shall it be launched?
    Using the proper channels is important. At a minimum, it should be displayed prominently on your:

    • Website (create a landing page + embed the video)
    • Blog (create a new post + embed the video)
    • Email Blast (create a dedicated campaign and link back to your blog post featuring the video)
    • Facebook + Instagram feeds (boost if possible!)
    • Video Platform (YouTube/Vimeo, etc)

    • Create text + photo assets to accompany your video
      Some viewers, especially on your blog, may want to read the story as well as watch it. Posting a blog and sharing it with partners can help distribute backlinks to your video and provide SEO benefits. The more places your video exists, and the more searchable its content is, the more likely you are to increase viewership and results. Make sure EVERY place your video exists, it has a thumbnail image, title, description and tags that accurately reflect your video’s story content – that’s what drives people to click.
    • Use Native Video functions on social media
      Don’t just upload your video to YouTube and share the link – use each platform’s video function to upload the file to each platform. For platforms like Instagram and Facebook, consider creating a shorter version of your video. If you’d like to track metrics in one place, use a service like Vidyard or Brightcove to upload and track your videos reach
    • Utilize the social reach of your staff, partners, influencers, customers, friends & family!
      Bringing your network onboard to help you launch your video can provide a BIG boost to your video view count and engagement on Launch Day. In the days leading up to your launch, coordinate with your contacts and provide them with a simple, 1-page guide to helping launch your video. Encourage them to schedule a post sharing your video!
    • Partner with publishers to increase your reach
      Partner with a reputable blog, news media or industry publication to coordinate a simultaneous or even exclusive launch on their website, blog and social channels. Many platforms seeking content will partner with brands to release content if it stands to benefit their audiences
    • Utilize paid ads to increase your reach
      Setting aside a small budget to promote your video thru Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, YouTube pre-roll and video display ads can drastically improve your ROI, as long as your video is actionable + trackable.

    • Track metrics for success
      Depending on your communication objectives, you may want to track more than just views, impressions and comments. What’s the action you want people to take after viewing? Be sure that action is easy to take, and that you have a way to track and measure those interactions. That’s how you measure ROI. If you’re spending money on creating video content, you want to be SURE it’s working for you.

Once you’ve identified how you’ll tell your story, the next step is to make sure it’s seen, engaged with, and that you’re tracking metrics for success. That means creating a distribution plan for your video – optimizing it for every communication channel that you operate, and making sure you orchestrate a perfectly-coordinated launch, with your team, influencers and customers onboard to help you!

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