Are you ready to tell your story with video? Use our Five Discovery Questions to begin planning your production.

What Story Will You Tell?

Question 3: What is the essential story you should be telling?

After defining your audience and setting your communication objectives, it’s time to get specific about your storytelling strategy. This is the design process: mapping out the type of story, how you’ll tell it, and what the essential elements or, the “bones” of your story are.

When we work with our clients on setting a storytelling strategy, we ask these questions to inform our approach:

  • What kind of story and characters will resonate most with your audience?
  • How do we engage them with an appropriate call-to-action?
  • What are the bones of the story? These are essential elements of your story that must be included.
  • Whose voice will drive your story? You could utilize interviewees, voice-over, text-on-screen or simply music to drive your story. Choosing an approach that’s appropriate and relevant for your audience is especially important here
  • What type of story will balance the needs of your audience and your communication goals?
    • Types of stories could include:
      • Founding Story
      • Challenge + Success Story
      • Impact Story
      • Product or Service Intro
      • Case Study/Customer Story
      • Overview/Introduction or Overview video
  • What style of video is best suited to tell this story? For your audience?
    • Documentary-style
    • Scripted
    • Animation

Once you’ve identified how you’ll tell your story, the next step is to make sure it’s seen, engaged with, and that you’re tracking metrics for success. That means creating a distribution plan for your video – optimizing it for every communication channel that you operate, and making sure you orchestrate a perfectly-coordinated launch, with your team, influencers and customers onboard to help you!

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