Social Video presents challenges and opportunities.

Part two in a series on social video and storytelling.

Since the success of a social video is dependent upon on-demand viewing and voluntary sharing – videos must be appealing enough for people to choose to watch them – and be inspired to share with their network of friends, family and co-workers.

The Challenge: How do you create video content worth sharing?

In a world that’s inundated by marketing messages and advertising, creating content that rises above it all is a tall order for marketers. There is a constant pressure to create content that is engaging, funny or valuable – and inspires viewers to share content with their networks – and there’s no guarantee the viewers will appear or that it will work. Yikes! The result is a plethora of obnoxious, flashy advertising that is designed to grab the attention of viewers and often fails to engage them on a personal level.

The Opportunity: Who can be authentic?

Fortunately, the values-driven clients we work with at TrimTab Media have an unfair advantage when it comes to social video – the ability to be authentic. Our clients care about social and environmental issues and integrate these values into their everyday – they have great stories to tell about their people, practices and offerings. They have the ability to reach “conscious consumers” – people who shop according to their values, and are skeptical of conventional marketing. Authentic stories can often be told more affordably in a documentary approach, rather than using elaborate narratives or comedy that are often costly, and risky. Those are some of the reasons we focus on producing authentic content for our clients.

Values-driven businesses and non-profits can connect with their customers by telling their real stories – stories of their people, practices and offerings that connect with like-minded customers and supporters.

In the next post on social videos – I’ll address how a video becomes “social,” and give some examples of successful and less successful social video campaigns.

Image by webtreats licensed under Creative Commons

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