Business marketers have been using video for decades to connect with their customers, build brand loyalty, and drive sales.

Before online video, this was mainly in the form of the 30-60 second commercial spot – which conditioned the way people are accustomed to watching videos and process information from brands. Then it was corporate videos – longer videos hosted on company websites and shown at trade shows, events, even in-store.

Today, in our YouTube era, businesses are moving their marketing dollars, and their video content online – but the way people view online videos is different. Unlike tv commercials, which have a captive audience, online videos are a completely on-demand media. Online video thrives on social media platforms – STAT people watch and share videos via Facebook and Twitter.

Marketers have coined a new term for this: “social video.”

Social Video = Online Video + Social Media + Marketing

Social videos are short marketing videos that businesses distribute online using social media channels – relying on their followers to share them after watching.

Image by luc legay licensed under Creative Commons

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