Sustainable Brands is an annual global conference that gathers brand strategy, sustainability and innovation leaders. We created this video to capture the excitement, energy and commitments that were generated during the conference.

Concept: This year’s Conference in San Diego hosted 1300 attendees from 20 countries for an intensive week of general sessions, break-outs and action-groups. The Conference theme was The Revolution will be Branded. In the words of the Conference creators, “a global revolution is in full swing, leading to monumental disruption in traditional models of commerce and consumption.” As a Conference sponsor, we were commissioned to produce several videos. This one was played at the closing session of the Conference and focused on capturing the actions, commitments and inspirations that emerged from the week.

Execution: Our challenge was to shoot sufficient material for multiple videos, while being able to edit this one during the Conference into a piece for the closing session. Over the course of the conference, we interviewed 28 attendees representing major brands, agencies, smaller companies and non-profits, as well as shot appropriate B-roll. Together, these interviews captured the excitement and energy generated when a group of committed professionals focus their collective creativity to change the course of our future.

Distribution: This video was shown at the closing session of the Conference and will be distributed via email blast to all attendees, the conference web site and social media.

Thank you so much for this amazing video – we’re already getting requests about it, people loved it! You guys have done an amazing job and I can’t wait to see your next work. I am so glad we partnered with you guys…. We loved having you there enabling us to capture some of the chemistry going on at SB – a challenge we’ve struggled with in the past. Thank you so much!

– Marianne Condrup, Executive Producer, Sustainable Life Media/Sustainable Brands

Producer: Mischa Hedges
Director/Story Producer: Kaare Iverson
Cinematographers: Kaare Iverson, Justin Lewis
Editorial: Eric Ivey, Nicolai Crane

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