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We’ve produced campaigns for all types of businesses and nonprofits. Social video* can be used to meet many different objectives. All of these categories serve to build relationships with customers and supporters, generate social media conversations, build brand exposure, and strengthen brand identity. These categories of social videos are not rigid and frequently overlap. They are meant to provide ideas for all the ways social video can be used.

*The term, “social video,” has started to be used to describe the synergy between online video + social media + marketing. Social videos are about relationships, not sales.


International Futures Forum

An intro video for a systems thinking consultancy group Concept: The International Futures Forum (IFF) wanted a video that would convey how they help their clients to shift organizational culture and address complex issues. Execution: Mischa interviewed the founders of IFF and shot a one-day workshop that the IFF held in San Francisco. The intro […]


Future Insight Maps

Two videos for a systems thinking consultancy group Concept: Future Insight Maps needed 2 videos – a product launch video about their new software for systems thinking consultants, and another to give an overview of one of their facilitation methods: conversation mapping. Execution: Mischa interviewed Bruce McKenzie about the new software product, as well as […]


Animal Save: A Reason for Giving

A fund-raising and volunteer recruitment video for a local animal rescue organization in Nevada County. Concept: Animal Save, a donor-funded and largely volunteer-staffed animal welfare organization with a multitude of programsneeded a video to air on the local Community TV channel during a pledge week.  The video described its major programs and accomplishments in order […]


Voices of Hawaii

Excerpt from a pilot for 26-half hour documentary series for PBS about the Hawaii rarely seen. Concept: “Voices of Hawaii,” an original series conceived by Iliani, told the stories of Hawaii in first person, intending to reveal the heart, the soul, and the challenges of these magical and misunderstood islands. The series was intended for […]