We worked with Environmental Defense Fund to produce a video series advocating for policy that supports resilient fisheries.

Environmental Defense Fund needed an explainer video series for their Oceans team to use in their advocacy for policies that support resilient fisheries in the face of climate change. We worked with their global communications and ocean teams to produce a series of three videos that would help them communicate the importance of resilient fisheries. 

Our creative team worked with EDF staff to develop a script and storyboard, and to source visual assets to support the storyline. Our production team coordinated a remote shoot in Seattle to capture a direct-to-camera interview with one of their lead scientists in a working fishing port. 

Our design and editing team crafted the story into a series of videos that explain the impact of climate change on fisheries, and what we can do to slow or mitigate these effects. The campaign is being used by EDF to raise awareness and build support for policies that support resilient fisheries.



TrimTab Media
Executive Producer: Mischa Hedges
Story Producer: David G. Marks
Field Producer: Riley Morton
Cinematographer: Howard Shack
Motion Graphics: Michelle Olivera
Graphic Design: Zina Simonaitis

Editor & Colorist: Nicolai Crane
Sound Mix: Scotty Beam / McCleod Music

Environmental Defense Fund
Senior Director, Global Communications: Tad Segal
Director, Resilient Fisheries: Merrick Burden
Manager, Multimedia Production: Leslie Von Pless
Communications Specialist: Kevynn Gomez

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