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Minding Their Beeswax: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As consumers become more savvy about greenwashing and more demanding about the products they buy, brands need to be ever more transparent if they are to differentiate themselves from the greening crowd.  As we’ve said in a prior blog, sustainability is a process, not an absolute, or state of perfection.  So, the looming question that […]

A social video case study: Whole Foods Market

Part four in a series on social video and storytelling. Whole Foods recently launched a social video campaign called “Thrive: a Whole Foods Market kind of thing.” It’s made up of six themed video series that are oriented towards the different segments of their customer base (you know, yuppies, vegetarians, health nuts, eco-moms ;)). Here’s […]

TrimTabs, Meet Social Video

Social video is all about relationships.  So are trim tabs. People who have a truly new thought, or take an action that moves in a new direction, do so in some context.  That context is called “Relationship.”  Social videos create those relationships with new customers and deepen relationships with existing customers based on shared values.  […]